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  1. When we have a new dog come into our school we first preform an induction.

    Inductions can take up to 60 minutes and it allows us to assess if the dog would be suitable for a day school environment. We ask owners to stay in reception as to not distract the dogs and so we can see how the dogs react without their owners present as this can sometimes influence a dog’s behaviour. We one by one introduce the new dog to our day school dogs keeping them on trial lines for safety. Our staff are trained to look for both good and bad behaviours in the dog and assess them.

    Once the induction is passed the dogs can then be booked in for full or half days in school and we continuously assess their behaviours.

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  2. Recently we have had a few new dogs start at our days school and we would like to welcome them with a quick post.


    Kensi is a white German Shepherd puppy with partial sight. She can seem a little nervous at first but loves to run around and play when she gets into the swing of things, she also loves to play in our pool or even tip the water bowl onto herself and have a splash about. Kensi settled in really well on her first day in school and enjoyed the little bit of training we do too.

    Oscar and Ramsey

    Ramsey is one of our older dogs, he is a Labrador retriever who loves to cuddle. Oscar is a border terrier who loves to run after the other dogs and fetch balls. He has a lot of energy when coming into day school but soon runs it all off I our morning play. Oscar made lots of new friends on his first day and both him and Ramsey enjoyed the multi dog environment.


    Buddy is a beagle, he enjoys playing with toys and fetching balls. Buddy settled into our day school quickly, making friends with everyone and playing nicely with the more energetic of the bunch.


    Zeivah is a gorgeous Siberian Husky who came to our day school already best friends with buddy! Zeivah is such a gentle dog who politely introduced herself to the others and had fun playing with buddy and the others on her first day.


    Pebbles is a sweet little Shih Tzu puppy who was a little nervous to start on her first day. We gave her time to settle in with our quitter dogs and she soon grew in confidence. She enjoyed the afternoon cuddled up with Amber a Manchester terrier.


    Elsa is a little Pomeranian puppy. We let Elsa settle with our calmer dogs first, but she showed confidence around them and soon was introduced to everyone else. Elsa loves to have a cuddle and fuss and is excited to come back for another day.


    Barney is a Border Collie with plenty of energy. On Barneys first day we gave him plenty of toys to chase and bitesize training to keep him stimulated, he also enjoyed running around after the other dogs and made friends with little Charles the Daschund.Collage 2018-07-11 12_39_29